Principal Investment Strategy

  • The Fund invests at least mainly in small- and micro-cap1 and seeks to diversify the Fund’s investments across industries and sectors. The Fund’s assets may, from time to time, be over-weighted or under-weighted to certain industries and sectors relative to its benchmark index, and the Fund may from time to time invest a substantial portion of its assets in one or a limited number of sectors. The Fund’s investments may include common and preferred stocks, rights and warrants to purchase common stocks, convertible securities, exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”), or real estate investment trusts. The Fund may invest up to 15% of its assets in foreign securities, including securities of companies based in developing countries and depositary receipts of foreign-based companies.

1A company is considered to be a “small-capitalization” company if, at the time of purchase, its market capitalization is less than or equal to the market capitalization of the largest company included within the Russell 2000® Growth Index. U.S. microcap companies are considered companies, which at the time of purchase, have capitalizations that place them among the smallest 5% of companies listed on U.S. exchanges.

Fund details

Class A Class I Class R
Net asset value as of
Daily change $
Daily change %
Status Open Open Open
ISIN US68246Y5024 US68246Y7004 US68246Y8093
Investment minimum* $1,000 for all accounts except:
  • $500 for certain fee-based programs
  • $500, if establishing an Automatic Bank Draft Plan
  • $250 minimum for purchases by accounts through eligible financial intermediary platforms that have entered into selling or service agreements with the Distributor and that are eligible to purchase Class A shares without a sales charge
  • No minimum for certain employer-sponsored retirement plans and certain wrap fee based programs
$1,000,000 for certain institutions and individuals
  • $1,000 for certain employees (or their immediate family members) of Equitable Financial or its subsidiaries
  • Class I shares are available to clients of registered investment advisers who have $250,000 invested in the Fund
  • No minimum investment for a wrap account client of an eligible broker-dealer or a client of a fee-based planner that is unaffiliated with a broker-dealer
No minimum
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*Read the Prospectus for more information

Fund objective

Seeks long-term growth of capital.

Essex applies fundamental investment research techniques when deciding which stocks to buy or sell for the Fund, and typically:

  • Selects companies that demonstrate accelerating growth in earnings and revenues that the Sub-Adviser believes are undervalued given their financial strength.
  • Invests in companies from any sector of the market based on fundamental research and analysis of various characteristics.
  • Reviews and evaluates a company’s financial statements, sales and expense trends, earnings estimates, market position, and industry outlook.
  • Values a company against its history, industry, and the market to identify a relatively undervalued stock as compared to its potential growth.
  • Seeks to diversify investments across companies in different phases of growth and that have a variety of catalysts for growth, to help manage risk. Such catalysts may include a new technology, product or service, an increase in market share, an improving industry, a change in management or a corporate restructuring.

Portfolio managers


Top 15 holdings

Security Weight %

1quarter holdings are based on the fiscal year

Top holdings exclude cash, cash equivalents and money market funds.


Daily performance as of

Total returns
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Monthly performance as of

Total returns
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Quarterly performance as of

Total returns
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Expense ratios as of

Fund Gross expense ratio Net expense ratio4
Class A shares
Class I shares
Class R shares

Performance data quoted represents past performance. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Investment return and principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that an investor's shares, when sold or redeemed, may be worth more or less than the original cost. Current performance data may be higher or lower than actual data quoted. For the most current month-end performance data please call (855) 379-9186.

A fund’s performance for very short time periods may not be indicative of future performance.

One cannot invest directly in an index.

Returns for periods of less than one year are not annualized.

1Fund inception date of July 11, 2022.

2Maximum Offering Price (MOP) for Class A shares includes the Fund's maximum sales charge of 5.50%. Performance shown at NAV does not include these sales charges and would have been lower had it been taken into account.

3The Russell 2000® Growth Index measures the performance of those Russell 2000® Index companies with higher price-to-book ratios and higher forecasted growth values. It is market-capitalization weighted.

4Pursuant to a contract, Equitable Investment Management, LLC (the “Adviser”) has agreed to make payments or waive its and its affiliates’ management, administrative and other fees to limit the expenses of the Fund through April 30, 2024 (unless the Board of Trustees consents to an earlier revision or termination of this arrangement) (“Expense Limitation Arrangement”) so that the annual operating expenses of the Fund (exclusive of taxes, interest, brokerage commissions, capitalized expenses (other than offering costs), fees and expenses of other investment companies in which the Fund invests, 12b-1 fees, dividend and interest expenses on securities sold short, and extraordinary expenses not incurred in the ordinary course of the Fund’s business) do not exceed an annual rate of average daily net assets of 0.88% for Class A shares, Class T shares, Class I shares, and Class R shares of the Fund. The Expense Limitation Arrangement may be terminated by the Adviser at any time after April 30, 2024. The Adviser may be reimbursed the amount of any such payments or waivers in the future provided that the payments or waivers are reimbursed within three years of the payments or waivers being recorded and the Fund’s expense ratio, after the reimbursement is taken into account, does not exceed the Fund’s expense cap at the time of the waiver or the Fund’s expense cap at the time of the reimbursement, whichever is lower. The total annual fund operating expense ratios after fee waiver and/or expense reimbursement for Class A shares, Class T shares, and Class R shares, as shown in the table, are higher than the Fund’s expense cap because these ratios include 12b-1 fees and certain other expenses, as noted above, that are excluded from the Expense Limitation Arrangement.


Print Distributions
Class Record date Ex-date Payable date Ordinary income Short-term capital gain Long-term capital gain Total
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